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CrossFit Kettlebell Shoulder Workouts to Attack your Weaknesses

Straight Arm Overhead Kettlebell Hold

There are 3 progressions to this exercise:

  1. Half Kneeling Position (the back knee is on the floor)
  2. Standing Position (keep abs and glutes tight)
  3. Walking (take a walk with the kettlebell held overhead)
  4. Overhead Kneeling to Standing

Workout from Sara Sigmundsdottir called KETTLEBELL HELL!

Sara: ‘If you want to work on your mental side I recommend this workout: Kettlebell Hell

4 Rounds for increasing load:

  • 10 Double KB Clean
  • 10m Double KB FR Carry
  • 10 Double KB STOH
  • 10m Double KB FR Carry
  • 10 Double KB FR Lunges
  • 10m Double KB FR Carry
  • 10 Double KB FR Squat
  • REST 3 minutes b/t rounds

“Recommended starting weights 16/12kg (35/26lbs) or more if you dare.. Take it with someone who pushes you! Thanks BK Gudmundsson for the competition”

The goal is to strengthen the stabilising muscles around the shoulder joint.

You can mix this up into other variations:

Shoulder Workouts – Bottoms Up Kettlebell Single Arm Overhead Carry

Shoulder Workouts – Single Arm Kettlebell Front Rack Carry

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