Calling All Crossfit Ladies – Time to Show Your Body Some Love!

Witnessing the many strong women and men pouring everything they had into their workouts was inspiring. Never had I seen such a group of people so committed to one thing and doing everything it took to get there. I was and still am inspired to become one of those people. Visibly strong people, who are also healthy.

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Train hard and have fun with your friends

Too often, I hear my friends complain about their large thighs, lamenting about how they wish they had the elusive thigh gap. Of course, they say this as they wear their size 2 jeans while proudly stating how they can squat the forty-five pound bar at the local gym.

I quietly listen, saying nothing, because I have gradually come to value and even love my strong, healthy quads.

When I first started CrossFit, my quads were the first thing to show gains, growing bigger and stronger by the month. It was quite a visible change but I was never embarrassed about it. Actually, it made me proud! With my increased muscular development, my strength improved, as did my ability to lift heavier and improve my PR’s.


Strong quads are the foundation of any good, fundamental lift. One must have strong quads be able to power through heavier weights and not give out or give in during a workout. That being said, well developed quads are a necessary requirement to lift heavy and to fully participate in the basics movements of CrossFit. CrossFit definitely delivers these results if one remains faithful to participating in and is committed to excellent form in one’s reps.

CrossFit supports the development of toned, developed quads that are quite useful – functional strength. Numerous different workout movements are supported by strong legs. With strong quads, squats will improve and one is able to squat lower with a more stable base of support. This all sounds nice but certainly is not surpassed by feeling and looking healthier. A healthy body is a beautiful body. A healthy body will thank you many times over for the good choices you make to keep it moving forward.

Of course, all women are aware that big thighs can also cause some problems – 1st world “problems” that is. These “problems” are finding jeans that fit and hold everything in place. A task that can be, well, tough. Thankfully, some companies are starting to design jeans that are specifically made for women with larger, more muscular thighs. Jeans that just might help relieve some of the stress of shopping.

The next time you hear someone, or maybe even yourself, complain about their bulky quads/thighs, remember what a gift healthy, strong thighs can actually can be. Without those awesome quads, where would you be in your CrossFit career? Definitely not squatting, dead lifting or push pressing two hundred pounds with ease. Love your quads – they will love you back!

So glad I don’t have a thigh gap! Almost dropped my phone in the toilet the other day but my legs were like, Nah Girl – we got you!

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