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CrossFit Lauttasaari – Finland

Tony Antus and Sami Korhonen, the box-owners of CrossFit Lauttasaari, are giving us a little insight into what happens at their BOX!


Short Facts

Name: CrossFit Lauttasaari
Address/Location: Vattuniemenkatu 23A, 00210 Helsinki FINLAND
Box Owner: Tony Antus & Sami Korhonen
Open Since: November 2013

BOXROX Crossfit Lauttasaari


How did you come to CrossFit?

We were both working as Personal Trainers at a globo gym and tried it out (I think our first CF workout was Fight gone bad). It was love at first sight!

Why did you open your own box?

We have always dreamed about owning our own gym and we got tired of the globo gym stuff so we decided to go for it.

Why should I join YOUR box? What makes it stand out from others?

Well, the physical location for one, it´s a really nice looking box with a winter garden in the center of it. Nobody else has that! Our coaches are the main reason why should join us, we are happy and easy going and we know our stuff.

How does your member structure look like? (Number of members, Male/Female, Young/Old,  any competitive athletes?)

Since we have only been open for a short while we don’t have that many regulars yet. But looking at our OnRamp groups we have about 90% women. Ages between 20-60. At the moment we have two clients working hard towards the Finnish Championships in February. We have about 30 paying clients if you count the OnRamp courses.

Do you have additional training possibilities (Yoga, Gymnastics etc.)?

We will be able to offer boxing and yoga classes to our clients after the new year.

Do you consult your members in nutrition questions?

We go through the basics at our OnRamp courses and we plan to keep seminars on nutrition in the future.

If I start as a beginner – how does my training in the first month look like?

Beginners always go through our OnRamp course first. We do 12 sessions in 4 weeks, after that you have free access to our box.

Do you organize any internal or open competitions?

We are planning to host competitions in the future but right now we are concentrating on hosting a few qualifications leading up to the Finnish Championships.

Links to other boxes?

On our website www.crossfitlauttasaari.com we have links to all the other boxes in Finland.

Can I drop in? Who do I contact?

You are more than welcome to drop by our box if you happen to be in Helsinki, just bring your gear! You can contact me either on email tony.antus@crossfitlauttasaari.com  or phone +358 44 0303 664

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