Source: CrossFit Inc

Crossfit Mobility Drills That Every Athlete Should be Doing!

Improve your movement patterns, lifts, recovery, gymnastic ability and avoid injury with these drills.

2. Standing hip CAR’s (controlled articular rotations)

These techniques really are a game changer, if you have been following the works of FRC, you cannot disagree with their principles. I love the couch stretch, pigeon stretch and many hamstring stretches but I have found with myself and my athletes that a lot of “tightness” can be avoided just by taking your joints through their full ranges, the best part about the drills too is that EVERYONE can do them. Your mobility is completely relevant to you and because you attained the position yourself it is more likely to stay. Try these as a warm up before your next squat session and you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how strong and even you feel. Tight hips are weak hips!

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