CrossFit New England Disaffiliate from CrossFit Following Greg Glassman Remarks

CrossFit New England, owned by renowned coach Ben Bergeron, will no longer be an affiliate of CrossFit Inc.

“CFNE does not support, agree with, or condone the racist remarks made by CrossFit CEO, Greg Glassman,” the former affiliate posted on Instagram.

“For this reason, we will no longer be known as CrossFit New England. We will no longer be an affiliate of CrossFit, Inc.”

The gym has now changed its name to Community Fitness New England, allowing them to keep their CFNE initials.

Ben Bergeron’s gym is only one of hundreds taking the steps to disaffiliate from CrossFit following insensitive remarks by the sport’s founder, Greg Glassman.

Earlier last weekend, Glassman sent an insensitive email to Alyssa Royse, owner of nine-year affiliate Rocket Community Fitness, and tweeted an inconsiderate racial remark which was met with backlash and for which the CEO has now apologised.

Ben Bergeron is a professional fitness coach with athletes like Katrin Davidsdottir, Brooke Wells and Cole Sager under his wing. He’s a best-selling author and is considered one of the top coaches in CrossFit.

Over 300 CrossFit Boxes Disaffiliate Following Greg Glassman’s Insensitive Remarks

Ben Bergeron talks about racism and white privilege

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