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CrossFit Open Workout 20.2 Strategy Guide – Pacing, Transitions and Technique Tips

CrossFit Open Workout 20.2 Movement Standards and Technique Tips 


• Each set of dumbbell thrusters begins with dumbbells on the ground.

• Hold the dumbbells in the front-rack position during the squat.

• Dumbbells move from the bottom of a front squat to full lockout overhead.

• A full squat clean into the thruster is allowed when the dumbbells are taken from the floor.

• The hip crease must clearly pass below the top of the knees in the bottom position.

• The rep is credited when:

– the dumbbells are locked out overhead, with the hips, knees, and arms fully extended.
– both dumbbells are directly over or slightly behind the middle of the body.

• Continue pressing the weight up until lockout. Re-dipping during the press (i.e., performing a jerk) will result in a “no rep.”

• Athletes may not receive any assistance moving the dumbbells.

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