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CrossFit Open Workout 20.3: Strategy and Advice (for Beginner, Teen, Scaled, Intermediate and RX Athletes)

CrossFit Open 20.3: Pacing

Final note for all age divisions – Rx and Scaled. 

This is a 9 minute workout. If the second deadlift weight is something that you expect to make – you can’t sprint out of the gate with unbroken deadlifts or you’re going to blow up. Try to set yourself up so that you’re fresh heading into that heavier weight.

If you know that you can’t lift the heavier weight… then you SHOULD treat the first part of the workout as a sprint (as that is your tiebreaker time.)


Find tips from CompTrain, the company owned by Ben Bergeron (Cole Sager’s Coach) and how to improve your deadlifting technique from Ben himself on the next page…

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