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Crossfit Oxonia – UK

James Shields and Will Harvey, the box-owners of Crossfit Oxonia, are giving us a little insight into what happens at their BOX! Enjoy another episode of our Europewide BOX interviews.


Short Facts

Name: Oxonia CrossFit
Address / Location: The Athlete Centre, Studio 1+2, Osney Mead House, Osney Mead Industrial Estate, Oxford, OX2 0EA
BOX-Owner: James Shields + Will Harvey
Open since: June 2013



How did you come to CrossFit?

Will found CrossFit in his native Australia and introduced me to it in early 2013. Tough first few months but thoroughly worth the hard work.

Why did you open your own box?

I had a Personal Training Studio in Oxford already and it seemed logical to open a membership gym next. Once I found CrossFit and saw the boxes in our area I knew this was the kind of facility we wanted.

Why exactly should I join YOUR box? What makes it standout from others?

We run our facility very differently from most boxes in that we operate a fully integrated system of training, employing 4 Physiotherapists, Osteopath, 2 Sports Massage Therapists, Nutritionist and 6 Strength and Conditioning coaches. We are very scientific with our programming and run open gym all day. Every new member must complete a 3 phase joining process which includes musculoskeletal screening, 1:1 strength and conditioning assessment and nutritional analysis.

How does your member structure looks like? (Number of members, Male/Female, Young/Old,  any competitive athletes?)

Currently at 100 members and rising every day. Probably a 60/40 split of male to female members and due to the performance nature of the facility we have many semi-professional Rugby Players, GB triathletes as well as University Blues squads.

Do you have additional Training possibilities (Yoga, Gymnastics etc.)?

We offer Olympic lifting progression classes working on a 6 week cycle, Strength classes based around the Westside Barbell methodology, Mobility Classes with our Osteopath and have plans for a new form of Pilates aimed at athletes and a gymnastics class.

Do you consult your members in nutrition questions?

Every new member must complete a nutritional analysis with our resident Nutritionist

If I start as a beginner – how does my training in the first month look like?

Every member undergoes an initial screening process aimed at highlighting any muscular imbalances or weaknesses and to allow coaches to identify the ability of the athlete. From here members may be enrolled on a Strength programme before he or she can begin our full CrossFit programme.

Do you organize any internal or open competitions?

Our aim is to get our members competing as much as possible, whether that’s through in house competitions, against other boxes or against sports teams. We are happy to compete every week if we can find willing parties. We often run the competitions with scaled options so all members can compete.

Do you have links to other boxes?

We don’t have any direct links with any other boxes however we regularly throwdown with CrossFit Didcot, CrossFit Oxford Originals and of course the Oxbridge Throwdown against CrossFit Cambridge.

Can I drop in if I am passing your city? Who do I have to contact?

We encourage drop ins to allow outsiders and fellow CrossFitters to experience our facility. Contact us at info@oxoniacrossfit.com or on 01865 249999

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