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10 Types of Press Up to Build Strength, Power and Muscle


Besides being a challenging core and Press Up exercise, this variation provides several unique benefits. First, it eliminates sagging hip syndrome because it reinforces a tall hip and hollowed core position. The amount of anti-extension is magnified due to your body continuously resisting the band pulling on the barbell.

Second, the pulling force is acting directly on the scapula and shoulder stabilizers. If you don’t fully depress and retract your shoulder blades, the bar will literally pull out and away from you, leaving you plastered to the floor.

It also teaches you to screw the elbows down and back while simultaneously using a pronated grip (a common problem for many lifters). This can even help your bench press form. It has direct carryover due to the same gripping mechanics. In fact, to stay locked in, you may involuntarily feel like you’re pulling the bar apart, which is a common coaching cue used by powerlifters to dial in their bench form.

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