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Sara Sigmundsdottir on Motivation and Why she Loves Crossfit

Sara Sigmundsdottir is one of the most talented and hardworking Crossfit athletes around. She combines these attributes with a fierce competitive spirit and mental strength, so what does it take to get to her level?

Sara Sigmundsdottir has won the Meridian Regional twice in two years. In 2015 she finished in third place at the CrossFit Games after leading for a long time throughout the different events. A few mistakes cost her points and places, but she is many people’s favourite to take the top spot this year.

Why do you love CrossFit so much?

What do you think about the Open Workout?

What was your biggest career moment so far?

What are your goals Sara Sigmundsdottir?

It is always interesting to trace the athletic career of any top flight Crossfit Athlete. Many already come from performing at high levels in other sports, and transition into crossfit from there. For Sara Sigmundsdottir, she has gotten very good, very quickly, so it is exciting to see how she will continue to progress. Is 2016 her year. Listen to her talk last year about her goals, to see how driven and motivated she is.

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All our best to Sara at the 2016 CrossFit Games! After witnessing all her hard work, we can confidently say she is ready to do battle again!

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