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4 Training Tips to Improve your Hang Snatch Technique

If you are struggling with the snatch, or want to develop explosive power and speed under the bar, then work on your hang snatch.


Go heavy. Heavy high hang snatches are a great developer of speed under the barbell.  Everyone has a weight limit on how much weight you can lift with your arms.  Once reached that weight limit, you have to learn how to pull your body down under the bar if you don’t want to be stuck doing the same weight for the rest of your life.  When performing these high hang snatches, you have to make sure that you hit your finish/2nd pull/jump viciously, so you generate speed on the bar. During that


The explosive action of ankle, knee, and hip during weightlifting is a critical factor in increasing athletic success.

Check out these workouts for ways to test your snatch under many different conditions.


8 Challenging Snatch Workouts Every Crossfitter Should Try

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