Crossfitter Christmas Abbott Responds to Backlash over Naked Pregnancy Photos

The recent photos from Christmas Abbott.


“I’ve gotten some comments on my more sultry pregnancy photos. Well, there’s more to come & for the record, here’s where I stand on it. 

For as sexy as I’ve felt normally in my life living healthy and happily (in my own skin), my pregnancy is by far the sexiest that I’ve EVER felt in my whole life. Why wouldn’t I take photos that showcase how much I am in love with my body, how proud I am of what my body can do, and how much I am in love with this journey? My journey is not yours, so don’t compare it. I’m proud of every inch I’ve stretched and every pound I’ve and gained because I’m doing the most incredible thing we can as humans, growing a life inside of me. 

I’m not selling sexy. I’m advocating empowerment of being a woman and loving her body in all states of being.” ? @lawless_truth #thewarden 
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The first women to work the NASCAR pits at the highest level, Christmas Abbott is a CrossFit Level 1 Seminar Staff member, Box Owner and is heavily involved with Olympic weightlifting.

‘I wasn’t an athlete growing up so when I discovered Crossfit (while I was working in Iraq as a civilian contractor) I was beyond de-conditioned. It hurt and was hard, but I had fun everytime and fell in love with it immediately.’

Christmas Abbott: ‘Crossfit terrified and excited me in equal measure everyday!’

‘Be patient with the gains. Have fun with it and don’t take it so seriously. It is a program for life – both in the present and the future so enjoy it. Your body is different to everyone else’s, so don’t be so hard on yourself when you don’t perform to their level. Always celebrate the small accomplishments with full enthusiasm. These are the pebbles that move a mountain over time.’

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