D-Ball CrossFit Workouts to Build Strength and Conditioning

4. CrossFit Workouts – Linda Maynard D-ball Over Yoke

You are allowed to face the yoke or the opposite direction, the key is to get the D-ball over the yoke.

For time

  • 60 Slam balls over yoke (chest height)
  • 2 Min rest
  • Accumulate 50 ft handstand walk

5. Courtney Alison D-ball Overall

The D-ball must go over your head before slamming it down again in the ball slam.

Tuesday January 23rd
5 Rounds not for time.

  • 10 D-ball over shoulder 60#
  • 20 Ball Slams

Each round was approx 2:20 with enough rest to catch my breath and right back to it. Time to get some heavier slam balls.


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