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BEST TRANSFORMATIONS – Dani Speegle before CrossFit (Plus Top Training Tips and Workouts)

Learn from top USA CrossFit Games Athlete Dani Speegle.

CrossFit Games Athlete, Titan Games winner, amazing gymnast and all round badass, Dani Speegle is a force to be reckoned with! 

Use her tips on training and competing to raise your own game, and be inspired by her amazing dedication and transformation through fitness. 


“And just like that…3 years strong of CrossFit. 3 years strong of deciding I want to be better.

The changes I’ve made to my life these past 3 years have been significant. They’ve been challenging. They’ve been hard at times but absolutely worth it. They’ve been life altering, and path changing, and they’ve made me the happiest version of myself that I could’ve created.

The picture on the left is me right before I started CrossFit. I was still “athletic” but far from healthy. I knew nothing about nutrition or what being healthy really meant. I wasn’t confident or truly happy with myself. However, without that girl and her struggles the WOMAN on the right wouldn’t exist. The woman on the right is strong. She’s happy. She’s healthy. She’s confident with her body. She smiles more and laughs genuinely. She takes more risks, goes on more adventures; she LIVES. That was the biggest change throughout my transformation. I started living life, really living it and not letting the days go by insignificantly. I enjoy every single day and every single moment. It’s amazing how much clarity and growth you can accomplish when you’re not worried about how your clothes are fitting or how your legs are jiggling or how other people are looking at you. It’s liberating.”

“This past year has been a huge year for me in terms of nutrition and health and all around happiness. I have enjoyed the journey incredibly and it’s been beyond rewarding. I want to help others feel the way I feel and reach their goals in health, fitness, and life. It takes one day, one decision, one step into a gym, one email asking about nutrition help……one. Take the one. Start today. Change your body, change your life, change your happiness.”

•••••Left- 2018 Atlantic Regionals•••••
•••••Right- 2019 Strength in Depth•••••

“Same movement. Different year. Different me.

Complacency and comfort are the enemies of progress.

This past year has brought a lot of changes, and this season couldn’t be any more different than the last. It’s incredible to be able to watch yourself get closer and closer to achieving your goals. No matter where you are in whatever journey you’re on; keep moving forward-keep working-keep pushing the boundaries-keep challenging yourself-keep chasing the dream-keep enjoying the process—-you will look back and love reminding yourself where you started.”

Dani-Speegle crossfit chipper workoutsSource: Photos courtesy of CrossFit Inc


“Enjoy the journey. It’s easy to get so wrapped up in the end goal and keep looking ahead to the day you’ll step out on to the competition floor; but enjoy each day, enjoy each PR, enjoy the process. One day you’ll look back and you won’t believe where you started and it’ll happen in the blink of an eye.

Capture each training day and be proud of each step you take towards your goal – it’ll make the end goal so much sweeter.”

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