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Destroy Upper Body Weaknesses with these Kettlebell Chest Workouts

Kettlebells are a versatile piece of gym equipment used in all sorts of exercises and in all kinds of workouts. You can use kettlebells to build muscle in your chest and upper body, crushing any weaknesses and providing some diversity to your training. 

Kettlebell chest workouts make use of minimal equipment. All that’s needed is one or two kettlebells at a comfortable but challenging weight to start making serious gains to your pectoral muscles, which in turn help build powerful upper body strength.

Benefits of Kettlebell Chest Workouts

Aesthetics aside, a strong chest directly impacts the work you put into having a strong back. These muscles together — which include the pectorals, rhomboids, traps and deltoids — allow you to push, pull, and lift increasingly heavier weights, while improving better posture and preventing slouching.

The two ‘pec’ muscles that make up the chest are the pectoralis major and pectoralis minor – these are some of the biggest muscles in the body. They are responsible for an endless number of daily movements, making them important to keep strong and healthy.

Train your pecs with kettlebells

Many classic CrossFit movements such as push-ups and burpees require good chest strength to lift your body weight efficiently. It also helps you push heavy objects and support the overall development of the upper body. 

So why use a kettlebell? Kettlebells are helpful in a variety of exercises and workouts. Perhaps you have been training a lot from home with limited equipment and want to build your chest outside of bodyweight push-ups. Many kettlebell workouts will indirectly affect the chest given the nature of the weight.

Diversify your training with kettlebells

Kettlebells have a different learning curve to dumbbells given their shape, so sometimes the simple act of using a kettlebell activates different muscle groups for stability. They provide a different training experience and can be used in multiple ways — yes even for chest workouts.

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