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Destroy your Weaknesses – 10 AMRAP Chest Workouts for CrossFit Athletes


For Max Total Weight in 30 minutes
1 Deadlift
1 Bench Press
1 Power Clean
You pick the weight for all three lifts. Your goal is to accomplish as much total weight lifted over the course of the 30 minutes.

You can go heavy and slow or lighter and faster. Your goal is to move as much weight as possible completing a single rep at each movement. You must continue to rotate deadlift> bench press> clean. You cannot change the order or do more than 1 rep at each station.


Multiply weight on the bar by how many reps you did of each movement. You should have one total at the end.

Deadlift-techniqueSource: Photo courtesy of CrossFit Inc


Day 1

For Load and Reps
With 1 Dumbbell in the Left Hand, perform:
Waiter Walk
Suitcase Carry
Suitcase Deadlifts
Single-Arm Overhead Presses
Single-Arm Bench Presses
Side Bends

Day 2

Same workout but use the right hand.
The Road Warrior is a 3-day workout series. Choose the weight available and the reps depending on your energy level. Perform each movement with the chosen reps and complete as many rounds given how you feel. For Day 1, you will use your left hand in performing all the prescribed movements. For Day 2, you will do the same workout but use the right hand. Take note the load and how many rounds and reps you did during Day 1. You will do the same load, rounds and reps on your right hand for Day 2.

Score is the load used and the total number of reps completed for Day 1 and Day 2.

Movement Standards

Waiter Walk: Hold the Dumbbell overhead with the arms fully locked out and walk the desired meters.

Suitcase Carry: Hold the Dumbbell like carrying a suitcase on the left hand. Remain a neutral position by not leaning on the left side of the torso. Walk the desired meters.

Suitcase Deadlift: This is a variation of the standard Deadlift wherein you only use one hand. Place the Dumbbell beside your left foot and pull the Dumbell until full extension of the legs, knees, and hips. This counts as one rep.

Side Bend: Hold the Dumbbell in one hand. Bend the torso towards the side of the hand holding the Dumbbell. Return to the starting position. This counts as one rep.

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