Why You Don’t Really Want to Make it to The CrossFit Games

3x CrossFit Games Athlete Adrian Conway explains why you might not want what you think you want.

Adrian Conway is a coach at Brute Strength and has a long history of competing at The Games. Check out his thoughts on goal setting and what it takes to get to The Games.

No hanging or pressing for two weeks to help the shoulder calm down. Came back today to Thruster Gauntlet: A: Every :30 1x thruster starting at 50% max F.Sq. Increase 10lb. Each rep. To failure. Rest 5 min B: Starting at 70% max clean 1 x thruster every :30 increase 10lb until failure. Rest 5 min. C: @ heaviest weight reached do 10 reps for time. D: Max T2B 1 set (seen here.) 48. E: 20 Strict Muscle Ups for time. D: 160 yard shuttle run x 6 2min rest between efforts. E: Row 750 50 KB swing 40 pull u 30 burpees to plate for time. Good day. @brute.strength @thenickfowler @reebok @ultimatefoodessentials @getworkt @crossfitgames @crossfit @wasatchcrossfit #fitness #crossfitgames #crossfit #bodybuilding #goingteam #wasatchbrutes #affiliatecup #teamworkmakesthedreamwork

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10 Tips to Help You Set Crossfit Goals (& Actually Achieve Them)


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10 Tips to Help You Set Crossfit Goals (& Actually Achieve Them)

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