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Durable Wrists for CrossFit Bliss: How to Avoid Injury and Build Strength and Mobility

Stop getting injured and improve the mobility and strength of your wrists.

There’s nothing worse than seeing someone who’s crazy strong, has tons of potential… and they’re literally held back by their WRISTS!

They can deadlift a ton of weight, back squat a ton of weight…. but ask them to do a front squat, overhead squat or even a handstand, and pain in these small joints will stop them in their tracks.

What really grinds my gears is how quickly people jump down the wrist wrap and forearm massage route. This will not help you. It’s like putting a nice blanket over a pile of rubbish – at the end of the day, underneath it’s still a mess. Without fixing the underlying problem, wrist straps and massages will only provide temporary relief and may even be masking major warning signs of a future injury. Once you can do heavy lifts unassisted and are genuinely pushing your strength boundaries, then maybe, just maybe you’re allowed to use wrist straps.


Real wrist pain relief is based on regularly moving them and progressively increasing the pressure you put through them. To make significant improvement this really needs to be done every. It doesn’t take very long, and for long term development strong wrists are invaluable. Picking up new skills and trying new movements becomes more enjoyable and less risky if your joints aren’t delicate.

Try out these simple drills and see where you’re at!


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