Emily Abbott Talks About Returning To CrossFit after her Drugs Ban

After winning The West Regional earlier this year, Emily Abbott was subsequently banned for 4 years by CrossFit Inc after testing positive for ibutamoren, an anabolic agent. Her sanction will end on June 2022. 

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Since that time there was a great deal of controversy, but she remained true to her story. A fan favourite, Emilly Abbott talks about how she feels returning to CrossFit and once more stepping back inside the Box.

Text from Emily Abbott

“This is my second or third crossfit workout since all the drama went down months ago. It’s been painful to step back into a box – my ego reminds me of how good I was, the anger, resentment and “woe is me” narrative bubbles up to the surface as I think about all the mean shit that was said about me, I ask myself why I am even here.

Feelings I thought had been put to bed. 

But then I am forced back into this moment–sharing some crazy fitness with loving, energetic and dynamic individuals that make up this zany tribe, a community. I will always love that.
Thank you @chalkupau for bringing me up today. And thank you @esire2inspire for reaching out and showing me so much love.”

To all the communities I have been apart of- you fucking rock and thank you for bringing me light. That other stuff doesn’t really matter.”


Emily Abbott’s response to her 4 year ban

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