EMOM Conditioning Workouts to Turn You into a Powerhouse

Endurance is the cornerstone of CrossFit training, only surpassed by good nutrition on the CrossFit training pyramid, which states that long-term training depends upon a solid base of nutritional support and if followed by cardiovascular sufficiency.

Conditioning is a measure of how well is able to meet the energy production of their sport. Understanding and training the different energy systems required for CrossFit – a mix between power and endurance – will help you achieve your sporting goals.

Good conditioning will not only help you recover quicker between workouts but also within a workout.

“Without effective metabolic conditioning, an athlete will fatigue prematurely,” states CrossFit’s Theoretical Hierarchy Of Development. “As a result, the athlete’s strength and coordination will not reach their full potential, and further development can become blunted.

“A baseline of cardiovascular capacity must be present for success in most sports and other physical activities.”

Conditioning workouts have a great deal of benefits when performed regularly, such as:

  • Boost in performance
  • Increase in fatigue resistance
  • Improved oxygen blood flow

The EMOM method, which stands for “Every Minute On the Minute”, is incredibly versatile and can be used to train not only endurance but also to improve strength, coordination, technique under fatigue and mental toughness too.

Because of their set time limits, EMOM workouts train your energy systems, provide an important training tool through a healthy work-to-rest ratio, and train you to start working again under fatigue, even if your body might not feel ready to.

You should include some form of conditioning in your daily training as it is the base of CrossFit and will boost your work capacity to help achieve your goals. If you plateau or are struggling with a skill or movement, you’ll find that improving your fundamentals – which include conditioning – will translate to better results on the rest of your training too.

Add these EMOM Conditioning workouts into your training and improve your endurance and overall performance.


Mat Fraser Hardest Ever Workout

EMOM in 20 Minutes:

  • Odd Minutes: 24 calories on an Assault Bike
  • Even Minutes: 18 GHD Sit-Ups

Fittest Man on Earth, Mat Fraser, shared this workout on Instagram and called it “one of the hardest workouts I’ve ever done.”

“I did the workout early in the season, so I’m sure that contributed to why it was such a tough test,” he said.

“The goal on the assault bike is to use a majority of the minute and hold steady wattage across all the rounds (I think I was around 650-700 watts). The goal on the GHD is to just stay consistent and practice catching your breath while still working on the movement.”


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Mikko’s Triangle Conditioning Workout

EMOM for 39 minutes

  • 1 minute Row
  • 1 minute SkiErg
  • 1 minute Assault Bike
  • 1 minute Rest

Set a single number of calories and complete that amount of work each minute – every minute.

Score is the total number of calories completed.

A common target for Rx-level athletes is 20 calories per minute for each station. Reduce the number of calories to a number that would be challenging to hold every minute if you want to scale the workout.

Workout by @mikkosalo63.

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