5 Reasons Why you Should Enter The CrossFit Open 2017

Are you competing?

The CrossFit Open 2017 – There is just over one week to go before the most exciting time of the year begins – at least from a Crossfitter’s perspective. This first part of the Crossfit season is about to start. If you are a true Crossfitter, you have probably thought about registering for The Open by now or have already done it. Whether you have or not, here are five reasons why it will benefit you as an athlete and an individual.

1. You don’t feel ready? No one ever does

One of the most frequent excuses I hear from people about why they are not registering for the Open is that they don’t feel ready. Often they have been doing Crossfit for only a few months or weeks now and they think that they need to be part of it for years before they can register. That is totally not true.

crossfit athlete bar facing burpees
You will never feel 100% ready so just go for it!

The difference between Crossfit and most other sports is that everyone can do it and everyone has the chance to be great at their own pace. That also holds true with the Crossfit Open 2017. If you look around, there are tons of people who don’t feel prepared but they do it anyway. What do you have to lose anyway? Well, you have to pay a few bucks for participating. But even if you haven’t concentrated your training one last bit on participating in the Open and don’t “feel ready”, you are still going to have a really great time.

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