Essential Dumbbell Exercises CrossFit Athletes Must Master


 Just like with the barbell variation of this movement, you can make it simple by considering each of the individual words in this rather lengthy movement name!

  • Dumbell (not barbell)
  • Hang – starting from above the ground (usually just above the knee)
  • Power – don’t have to drop into a full squat position
  • Snatch (differentiates it from the Clean, the other Olympic Weightlifting movement)


  • Stand on feet with hip-width apart
  • Grip the center of the dumbbell
  • Lumbar curve maintained
  • Deadlift the dumbbell to the hang position
  • Extend hips and legs rapidly
  • Heels down until hips and legs extend
  • Shoulder shrugs, followed by a pull under with the arms
  • Dumbbell is received in a partial overhead squat
  • Complete at full hip, knee and arm extension with the dumbbell over the middle of both feet


5 rounds for time

  • 10 Chest-to-Bar Pull-Ups
  • 10 Power Snatches
  • 15 calorie Assault Air Bike
  • 20 AbMat Sit-Ups
  • 25 Single-Unders

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