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Fat Burning EMOM Full Body Workouts to Explode your Conditioning

Take your fitness to the next level.

1. Full Body Workouts – KHAN PORTER’S EMOM WOD

Khan porter crossfit athlete emom workout
Khan competing

Khan Porter, another top level CrossFit Games athlete, performs this one. He uses 110kg, but scale this down to 70 / 55 kg.

EMOM Full Body Workouts

  • 20 minutes
  • 1 Power clean
  • 1 Front squat
  • 1 Push jerk
  • 1 Front squat
  • 1 Split jerk

If the workouts get too easy for you, then increase the weights, do more reps or add more rounds. Also up the intensity. These 10 workouts are examples of how different EMOM workouts can look like but feel free to design your own and create new ones.

The structure is simple and there are endless varieties and combinations, so get creative and enjoy!

Full Body Workouts

If you enjoyed these workouts, try these deadlift or double unders WODs.

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