2-Time Fittest Teen on Earth Retires after Back Disease Diagnosis

2-time Fittest Teen on Earth Angelo Dicicco opens up in an interview with AMRAP Podcast host Will Edmonds about the diagnosis that effectively ended his competitive CrossFit career.

Having won the 14-15 category at the 2015 Games, then the 16-17’s at the 2017 Games, Dicicco was on track to become one of the sports’ greats. Growing up minutes from Rich Froning in Cookeville, Tennessee, Dicicco was perfectly placed to take his game to the next level, training day in day out with the best CrossFit athletes in the world.

But a diagnosis of Degenerative Disc Disease meant that his days of lifting heavy weights competitively were effectively over.

“I’m doing my best to be as smart as I can with it because I know how I feel now and I don’t want to feel worse,” adding, “Dreams have changed. I’ve gone from wanting to be the Fittest Man on Earth to just wanting to live my life and see how it goes.”

The 18-year-old Dicicco was committed to compete on the Mayhem Independence team heading to the 2018 Games, but had to withdraw, “I can’t put my team in the position where I can’t compete,” he continued, “If there’s a deadlift workout on day one, I’m going to get shut down all weekend.”

Dicicco is now studying in college and coaching at CrossFit Mayhem, while continuing to train regularly.

You can listen to the entire conversation by searching for “AMRAP Podcast” wherever you get your podcasts.