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Five-Time Regionals Athlete to Do 10K Burpees in a Day to Raise Money for the NHS

Mitchell Adams hopes to finish this huge challenge in 16 hours, with a time limit of 24.

Two-times Fittest in the UK and five-times Regionals athlete Mitchell Adams is doing 10,000 burpees for the National Health Service in the UK.

“While I am off work and staying at home, I would like to challenge myself and help make a difference to the current pandemic,” he wrote in his JustGiving page.

With an initial target of £10,000, he hopes to raise a pound per burpee.

The challenge will take place on Sunday May 3. Follow Mitch on Instagram for updates and more details.

You can support this incredible challenge here.


To finish 10,000 burpees within a 24-hour target, Mitchell needs to do:

  • One burpee every 8.6 seconds
  • Seven burpees per minute
  • 417 burpees per hour 24 times

To finish within 16 hours, he’ll need to average:

  • One burpee every 5.7 seconds
  • 10 burpees per minute
  • 625 burpees per hour for 16 hours

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2,500 BURPEES – 3 Hours, 37 Minutes &10 Seconds. . . The Break down: 10 Rounds 10 Minutes on at 13.1 RPM Rest 60s Straight into: 14 Rounds 5 Minutes on at 13.3 RPM Rest 60s 3 Minutes rest 253 reps unbroken @12.6 RPM. . . Total moving time: 190 minutes Total rest time: 27 minutes Total time 217 minutes (including 3 toilet breaks) . . 2500 ÷ 217 minutes = 11.5 Average RPM. . . Forecast time at 11.5 RPM = 14 Hours 29. . . 90 Minutes ahead of target time if 16 hours and 9.5 hours ahead of the 24 hour time cap. . . Obviously this is only 25% of the work and alot can go wrong in the 75% that remains, still this 2,500 went much better than anticipated and i certainly could have continued at this pace. . . Main discomfort: Wrists (although much better than the last 2 sessions). . . I'm putting in the work to put in a valiant effort to get these 10,000 done. Please make it worth while by donating just a small amount. Huge huge thankyou to those supporting this event and those who have already donated. Special shout out to @sophiejeannelaird for rep counting today :). . . @crossfit_wolverhampton @theathleteprogram @xendurance_eu @prepkitchenuk @wolversonfit @competeforce @compex_uk

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Mitchell will keep to specific movement standards explained in the video below:

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This video is the first installment of a series of videos i will release between now and the day of the event. . . This first video is all about the movement standard that must be achieved for each burpee to count. . . ✅Chest and hips to the ground. ✅Jump both feet in together. ✅ Jump off the floor with both feet leaving the ground at the same time. ✅Hips and knees must both meet full extension whilst in the air during the jump. ✅ Both hands must finish above the head at the top of each rep. . . I want to achieve this challenge with integrity so it is important to me to adhere to a consistent standard for all 10,000 reps. . . Please follow the link in my bio to donate to help support our wonderful NHS.

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“I want to achieve this challenge with integrity so it is important to me to adhere to a consistent standard for all 10,000 reps,” he said.


Some pretty wild training has happened in the lead up to this challenge. Mitchell has done his best to prepare his body and endurance to give himself the best chances of succeeding.

“The goal of my programming leading up to it is to develop the efficiency of my aerobic system and muscular endurance in the movement pattern of a burpee,” he told BOXROX.

This are some example session he has done in preparation:

For time, 15 rounds of:

  • 500m row
  • 36 burpees

For reps:

  • 1 hour of constant burpees (733 reps)

8 sets of:

  • 10 minutes of burpees
  • 60 seconds rest
  • total burpees: 1,046

16 sets of:

  • 5 minutes of burpees (in a weight vest)
  • 60 seconds rest
  • total burpees: 1,033

5 rounds of:

  • 2.7 mile run
  • 6 mile bike
  • 4,500m row

For reps:

  • 10 sets of:
  • 10 minutes of burpees
  • 60 seconds rest
  • 14 sets of:
  • 5 minutes of burpees
  • 60 seconds rest
  • 250 burpees in one set
  • total burpees: 2,500

60 rounds of:

  • 15 cal row
  • 15 burpees

Mitchell’s challenge will be live streamed via YouTube and the link will be shared over his social media platforms.


How do you burpee for such a long time without one part of you giving up? How do you break such a big challenge up? What’s the best technique to keep going for so long?

Check out this video for an insight into the technique Mitchell will be using.

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