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6 Full Body Exercises to Transform You Into a Better Crossfitter


There are a few different ways to do these but let’s run with the rear foot elevated split squats. It’s kind of a lunge variation and what I love about it is that it regulates itself, you can’t do it wrong or you’ll fall over, plus you really can’t go that heavy with it, especially at the start. If you can’t control your glutes, your knee will buckle.

In need of a rest or have got stuck with your squat numbers? This is perfect for you, even in general, with one hip in flexion and the other extended its ridiculously transferable to sport and athletic performance. Just as its sexy cousin, the single leg deadlift, is also a major part of my programming. I would always suggest flat shoes when hitting this up just to get a good range with the ankle.

Don’t be a hero, slow and controlled will give you the maximum benefits!

When you get really competent with it then you could also try these with arms overhead, but again the weight will need to be cut right back. Three sets of 10 on each leg is a nice number and an awesome drop set after heavy squats too!

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