Fun Memes and Inspiring Messages for Strong Women that Love to Lift!


Yet there is a downside, at some point, no matter who you are, you are going to leave the box. And all of a sudden you are different. If you have made the decision to wear a strappy top then your traps and defined arms are on display for the world to see, if you have decided to go for short shorts/skirt then your muscular quads and bouncy bottom will most defiantly stand out. The clothes you are wearing are most likely not made by a Crossfit brand, so they don’t fit properly.

You are not fat, you are not thin, you have muscle and bulk and the clothing company just didn’t factor that in!

Now you start to question those beliefs. You don’t look like the “pretty” girls, you feel uncomfortable- high heels just aren’t the same as nanos. You start to question it; can’t you be thin and fit? Strong in the box and delicate and slender in a summer dress?

You know the answer though, just as I do- no.

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