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The “Competitive” CrossFit Chick

“It goes against the grain to see an overly competitive girl in a world full of subtlety, to say “no, no, you’re far better than me” is the norm. However, we can be competitive and competitors and still be humble – to want to be the best is not a sin.”

When you are asked to conjure up a mental image of a competitive guy, what do you think? In the CrossFit world: fit, tanned, shirt off, lifting heavy, working for every rep because he will not be beaten.

A Froning or Khalipa in the making.

In the business world: suit and tie, nice car, nice clothes. He may be a little arrogant, because he thinks he is the best, but the general consensus is: he’s right.

Now, put your minds to the task of picturing a competitive female. Not the ones you idolise, forget the Camille’s and Julie’s, instead think of the girl in your box that you view as competitive. If you are a female and you’re reading this, as much as you may not want to admit it, I bet the first thing that entered your head about this woman was negative.

Female competitiveness is not viewed the same way as males. Perhaps this is because in society female competition is subtle. To be anything other than subtle is viewed as “catty” or “bitchy”.

Wanting to be the best is not a womanly trait that is admired, not in the same way as striving to win is for men. If you want to be the best, society demands that you go about it quietly, and only when you are the top athlete can you be praised for your determination. And to be quite honest, even then your praise will be based on your humility. There will be no Ali speech for us, no “if you even dream of beating me you better wake up and apologize”. 
Although the thought of a woman with the audacity to say it brings a smile to my face.

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