Fun Memes and Inspiring Messages for Strong Women that Love to Lift!

Yet CrossFit is a competitive sport, you have your results recorded. It is up there for everyone to see. There are competitions that you have to qualify for, both team and individual. You rate yourself on your performance and on the performance of those who you believe are around the same level as you. To be there, pushing yourself through a tough WOD you have to have two things: a competitive physical edge, and a belief that you can do it.

The female competitor can’t afford to be subtle any more than her male counterparts can –if you want to compete then you have to believe you are good enough to compete. This might mean putting extra training hours in, tweaking your diet, or hitting that rx’d weight even if it means not having the fastest time on the board. Or it could be entering yourself in competitions, being motivated and proactive, honest about the fact that you want to compete.

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