Crossfit guys making a meme

50 Memes That Will Make Crossfitters Laugh Hard

There's many of them and everybody has laughed hard and loud several times after seeing one. I'm talking about funny memes. You know that one with Mr. Bean rowing right?

Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp and other feeds are full of memes, made by creative people with colourful imaginations. Or just evil thoughts. Some of these memes are okay, some are pretty funny but some of them are just brilliant and we laugh so hard we actually start to cry. New Abs exercise perhaps?

But what did Charlie Chaplin say:

‘A day without laughter is a day wasted.’

That’s why we created a post with 50 funny Crossfit memes.

So just lean back, enjoy, laugh and click through the gallery.

Is your coach trying to kill you, too?

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