CrossFit Genetics
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Genetics in CrossFit – Does It Even Matter?

Certain genetic traits are favoured by certain sports, meaning that some people are off to a natural advantage. In some sports, this genetic ‘edge’ can be huge, but with CrossFit encompassing such a wide variety of movements, what role does genetics play in the sport?

The story of genetics in sport has changed significantly in the last 100 years. The growth in sports participation coupled with the increase in viewership of elite sport has led to a much more challenging route to the top level of sport.

In this age of hypercompetitive sport, it has become increasingly hard to become an elite sports(wo)man. Not only do athletes need to optimise all fields of their training, including routines, mindset, coaches and environments, but they also have to account for their genetics and its role on their sport of choice.

To become an elite athlete, the optimum in each category is some extreme version of it...

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