ring muscle up

Get your first Ring Muscle Ups with These Progressions

Are you still looking for your first MU? These will help your movement, explosive power and technique.

?KIP on Rings/ Muscle Up "transition" drill PROGRESSIONS?————————?Stuck with that transition on Muscle Ups??Not controlling rings??Want to learn more skills?————————-Lead #CFG coach @pamelagnon runs us through 3 progressions- MASTER EACH progression before moving on. 1️⃣ back on ground – as heels drive down chest comes up. Eyes forward. Chest tall. Do not open hips. That will not work – core stays tight and engaged 2️⃣back is off ground but feet still land on floor. Make sure back is parallel to ground in start position. You are not "inverted" at start – butt stays low. 3️⃣this is a "bent-arm" catch. In the sport of men's gymnastics – this skill is done w straight arms…but for our purpose it's teaching how to control rings in transition. Keep rings low enough that you can safely "bail" out. Nothing changes from the technique of each drill. ——————Be safe. Be smart. Have fun. #crossfitgymnastics #cfg #crossfit #crossfittraining #reebok #gymnasty

Posted by CrossFit Gymnastic Seminar – With jeff Tucker on Dienstag, 2. Februar 2016