Great Ways to Improve your CrossFit Pull Ups

Tip 5 – Supinated Ring Row Progression

High volume gymnastics can take a toll on your elbows and shoulders. The goal is to mitigate this as much as possibly by addressing potential holes in your game.

Your grip is one of them.

A lot of what I did with Olympic Weightlifting and CrossFit was with a pronated grip. Think about how you would perform 5 repetitions of a Hang Clean or 10 repetitions of Toes To Bar.

If we become deficient in the following grip variations, not only might you start experiencing aches & pains, your performance will suffer:

  • Neutral Grip – Closed (ex. Farmer’s Walk)
  • Neutral Grip – Open (ex. Pinch Grip Carries)
  • Supinated (ex. Palm facing towards you if you’re hanging on a pull-up bar)

The Supinated Ring Row is a phenomenal way to challenge and support your development.

Perform 4 x 8-10 reps at 2112 Tempo.

CrossFit Pull ups – Putting it all together

I invite you to spend 15 minutes before or after the rest of your training to work towards improving your strict strength for pull-ups. You’d be surprised at how quickly 15 minutes adds up over 5 days, 4 weeks, or 2 months.

Tip 6 – Improve your strict pull-ups

Begin with improving your strict pull ups: wide grip, chin ups, rope pull ups, weighted, etc. Improved overall strength will be your advantage and could possibly save you from injuries that can occur during fast, explosive swings and hanging movements.

If you’re a beginner, scale them with ring rows, place your feet on the box and do eccentric pull ups. More about progression comes in the last paragraph.

Chest to bar pull ups.

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