Effective Gymnastic Abs Workouts to Improve Core Strength

Gymnastic abs workouts are a great way to build core strength as an athlete. When it comes to gymnastics, powerful core strength is absolutely essential if you want to maintain good form and effective movement. The following examples of gymnastic exercises in CrossFit all help to significantly improve your core strength. 

Gymnastic Abs Workouts – Hollow Holds

The hollow hold exercise might look easy at first sight but in fact it is one of the most difficult ab/core exercises around. It is the fundamental core gymnastics exercise for developing mid-line stabilization. The hollow hold or hollow body is important key exercise for other gymnastics exercises such as handstands. 


The counterpart of the Hollow position is the superman, also called the arch. It is a great way to strengthen your lower back and tone your glutes. The superman is the starting position that allows us to generate the power and momentum we control in the hollow.

Gymnastic Abs Workouts – Hollow Rocks

The Hollow Rock is another core exercise which recruits muscles deep in the core which are often missed during more traditional ab and core workouts. Hollow rocks support your mid-line stabilisation and ultimately also the spine.

Toes to Bar

The toes to bar exercise is a movement that works mainly your abdominal muscles. It also requires good arm and grip strength due to the kipping motion. Strict toes to bar are an excellent way to improve your abs and mid-line. 

Handstand push ups

Handstand push ups are one of the more difficult exercises and are beneficial because of many reasons. They will improve shoulder and upper body pushing power, balance, and strengthen your core and glutes.

Kipping swings

A gymnastics exercise consisting of two basic positions: a hollow and arch. This skill is important to master because later you will use it to generate upward momentum for pull ups and muscle ups.

Pull ups

The Pull up is basic exercise and an essential skill which engages a large number of muscles – in your back, shoulders and arms. There are many types of pull ups worth trying such as kipping pull ups, strict pull ups or butterfly pull ups.

Gymnastic Abs Workouts – Muscle Ups

A muscle up combines many of the above movements into one graceful motion with a dip at the top to complete the exercise. Muscle ups are very good for the core, which you have to keep stable throughout the entire movement.

Why is core strength important in gymnastics?

  • Helps to prevent injuries to the back, spine and body
  • The core is a hugely important for generating strength and power. This strength is used in various CrossFit and gymnastics workouts.
  • Provides stability for the rest of the body
  • A strong core will allow you to hold different positions correctly

5 Gymnastics Abs Workouts:

Now it is time to apply these exercises into workouts. Scale them appropriately to suit your ability level and have fun! 

AMRAP Gymnastics Workout

10 Minute AMRAP (Alternating Movements)
2 Pegboard
100ft Handstand Walk
Rest 5 Min
10 Minute AMRAP (Alt. Movements)
7-5-3 Pull Up/CTB/Bar MU
50 Double Unders
Rest 5 Minutes
10 Minute AMRAP (Alt. Movements)
20 GHD
30 Push Ups


Core Gymnastic Workout

4 Rounds
30 sec Hollow Rock Hold
5 V-Ups
10 Hollow Rocks

Rest 1 min between each round. You can turn it into partner work out.


EMOM5 Gymnastics Workout

8 pull ups
6 chest to bar
4 bar muscle ups

Takes about 25-30 seconds to complete.


Shoulder strengthening Workout

4 rounds:
Max strict pull-ups, max banded strict pull-ups, max handstand hold. Rest 1:30 b/w rounds

4 rounds :
12 strict press, 25 upper back accessory reps (I switched them up).

Rest 1:30 minutes between rounds.


  • “Strict big man gymnastics” Workout:

Freestanding strict Handstand pushups
Pull ups


Gymnastics tips for scaling your muscle up:

How To Scale A Muscle Up: 6 Videos From Gymnastics Experts

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