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7 Healthy Protein Sources To Maximise Health and Recovery for CrossFit Athletes

Nutrition is the base of your health and performance as an athlete. Here are 7 foods that will help you get it right.


Tofu is a wonderful vegan alternative to fish or meat, containing eight of the nine essential amino acids, iron, calcium and many other nutrients. Although its raw form is often criticised for its not very spectacular taste, tofu is very versatile: there are many ways to cook it which would enable you to both benefit from all the protein it boasts and enjoy a delicious dish.


It is no secret that eggs offer a broad range of health benefits, and protein is no exception. They contain all nine essential amino acids, as well as many other important nutrients. It is worth noting that the high protein content is equally split between the yolk and the white, so eating the whole egg would be advisable. Furthermore, eggs are considered to be richest in protein in their hard-boiled state.


Stay hungry! 

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Dairy products contain high amounts of protein, and Greek yoghurt is a particularly tasty and practical choice for a post workout snack. Although the whole variety contains the most protein, those with less fat and the fat-free type are not much less valuable either, and the same applies to the alternatives with fruit or honey. If you prefer, you could add a few berries or dried fruits to a plain Greek yoghurt yourself and you will get a mouth-watering mix of protein, calcium and Vitamins D and B12.

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