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How to Build Better Nutritional Strategies and Achieve the Body/Performance you Want (Advice from Ben Bergeron)

How to achieve good nutrition in your day-to-day live advice from a legendary coach.

  1. Be social and enjoy yourself when going out to eat, but also be mindful

Don’t be afraid to go out if you want to eat clean. Be social and enjoy yourself.

It is easy to go to a restaurant and order a double portion of veggies instead of the option of food you’re not so keen on eating.

Skip appetisers, you really don’t need them. There’s nothing wrong about waiting for your food. Refuse the bread when it comes instead of letting it sit on the table, chances are you’ll grab a nibble.

Don’t look at the dessert menu and, if everyone else you’re with is having one, ask for some fresh berries instead.


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Step one: what will you ask yourself on your deathbed? Step two: what are the areas you need to focus on to be happy with that answer in step one? Step three: dive deep and figure out every possible way to maximize and improve those areas. For me… 1. “Did I live a fulfilled life?” 2. Family, Health, Learning, Leadership, Legacy. 3. Using the “Family” example: -Home by 6pm every weekday. -No phone or computer at home. -Go to every kids sports games, and as many practices for the little kids as possible. -2 Date nights with Heather per month -10 days skiing with family/winter. -Summer beach house together as family. – call mom/dad 2x/week – no work on weekends. – family dinners 5x/week. What is your question? How will you maximize each area?

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