How to Build Muscle – 5 Excellent Hypertrophy Programs to Pack on Impressive Gains


This plan uses heavy basic exercises and light isolated ones to get the muscle fully out powered

Day 1 Chest/Triceps

Combinded: Bench Press 2x 20 Warm Up , 5×5 Working Sets (vary weekly barbell and dumbell to protect the rotator cuffs)
Isolated: Cable Flys with crossed over arms 3×12
Combinded : Incline Bench 4x 6-8
Isolated: Butterflys close 2×20
Combined: Dips 4x to failure (minimum of 5)
Isolated: Triceps Rope PullDown 2×20
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Day 2 Legs

Combined: Squats: 2×20 Warm Up, 5×5 Working Sets
Leg Extensions: 2×25
Combined: Stiffed Leg Deadlifts: 4×10 (watch the technique)
Isolated: Leg Curls: 2×25
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Day 3 Shoulders

Combined: Military Press: 2×20 Warm Up, 5×5 Working Sets
Isolated: Side Laterals 3×12-15
Combined: Seated Dumbbell Press 2×20
Isolated: Reverse Butterfly: 4x 12-15
Isolated: Front Laterals: 3×12′
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How to Build Muscle – Day 4 Back/Biceps

Combined: Deadlift 2×20 Warm Up, 5×5 Working Sets
Isolated: Lat Pulldown Close Grip: 3×12-15 ( Feel muscle tension in the lats)
Combined: Barbell Rows: 3×12
Combined: Seated Cable Rows: 3×20 ( Do them as directly after the Barbell Rows, light weight, muscle tension)
Combined: Pull Ups: 5×5
Combined: Snatch Pulls: 3×10
Add Core Work

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