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How to Build Muscle with Bodyweight Exercises – Top Tips for Training at Home

3. Bodyweight Hip Thrust

How to do it:

Lie with your shoulders on an elevated surface such as a bench, chair, or sofa. Place your feet on the floor in front of you with shins vertical at the top of the movement, and use your glutes to lift your body up and down. Tucking your chin a bit will help keep your spine aligned.

Why I love it:

Glute development translates to proficiency in so many other movements, and is a favorite for aesthetics too. Under-developed glutes are also common in clients, and this move will help you access this large and powerful muscle group for better squatting, lunging, hinging, and more. Want to look good? Glute pump. Want to move well? Glute pump!!

Coaching Notes:

Experiment with your surface as well as your foot placement until you can really feel your glutes working. Many people find a bench is too high, so a medicine ball or footstool might be some other options to try.

How to Progress: 

If you have a mini band, adding a squeeze with your knees out at the top is a great way to spice this one up. Load it up with anything you can find around the house – odd objects work fine here. Or try the single leg variation – even better with an isometric hold at the top for 2-3 seconds each rep.

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