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How to Build Muscle with Bodyweight Exercises – Top Tips for Training at Home

4. Star Plank

How to do it:
With your elbow under your shoulder and your hips and feet lined up, get into a side plank and then lift the top leg. Reach your arm overhead and keep that body lined up! No shame in a little shake here.

Why I love it:

Why settle for a plain old plank when you can work your hips, glutes, and shoulders at the same time?

Coaching Notes:

Be sure not to let your hip drop or move forward or backward away from your body. This move may also quickly reveal some imbalances from side to side. No worries – Functional Bodybuilding uses tons of unilateral movements to help with your structural balance from side to side, making you more powerful for bilateral movements too.

How to Progress: 

This movement can easily be scaled down to a side plank on your forearm, or scaled up by adding a weight in your top hand. Try it with a bottoms up kettlebell if you’re a superstar planker!

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