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How to Build Muscle with Bodyweight Exercises – Top Tips for Training at Home

5. Archer Push Up

How to do it:
With arms in a wide pushup position, lower your body all the way over through the whole range of motion until your bodyweight is on one arm. Now push up through center and lower your body to the other side.

Why I love it:

This challenging position works the upper body horizontal push, while also hitting the smaller muscles and stabilizers that are neglected by a single plane of motion.

Coaching Notes:

Keep your core tight and don’t get sloppy with your positioning – the same rules of a traditional pushup apply where no part of your body flops to the ground uncontained.

How to Progress: 

If you’re working up to this advanced variation, make sure your pushup is already strong – if not, go back to traditional pushups at slower tempo, such as 30×0, until you build full control. You can also try the Archer Push Up on Rings, or the Slide Board Archer Push Up (use a magazine if you don’t have a furniture slider handy).

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