How to Fix Elbow Pain

Start working out pain free.

Learn how to fix elbow pain, a common problem for many lifters.

These tips from Jeff at Athlean X will help you bulletproof your body.

How to Fix Elbow Pain

“If you experience elbow pain when you work out then you need to watch this.  In this video, I’m going to show you not only the real cause of the pain and discomfort you’re feeling in your elbows that is wrecking your workouts, but how to fix it once and for all.  It starts by stopping your focus on the elbow itself.  Let me explain.”

“The elbow, much like the knee in the lower body, is a hinge joint that is heavily influenced by the actions and conditions of the joints above and below it.  In the case of the knee we are talking about the ankle and the hip.  We know that dysfunction at either of these joints will cause the knee to torque in unnatural ways which will lead to eventual breakdown and injury.  Even though the wrist is not the same weight bearing joint that the ankle is, the situation still applies and can rear its ugly head if not addressed.”

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“In order to fix elbow pain once and for all you need to really start focusing on improving the stability of the shoulder and wrist joints while increasing the strength of the forearms.  This can actually be achieved in one simple exercise sequence that anyone can do regardless of their ability level in the gym.  All it takes is a bar to hang onto and position your body below with your feet on the floor.”

“It starts by setting the bar at about chest height and getting behind it.  Grasp the bar with two hands to get yourself in a slightly reclined position with your feet flat on the floor.  With your shoulders completely level, squared up and parallel to the bar, place one of your hands in the middle of the bar and release the other.  From here, work hard to prevent your torso from dropping even a millimeter to the side of the released hand.  That is what your body will want to do, especially if you are lacking stability through the wrist and or shoulder on that side.”

How to Fix Elbow Pain

“See if you can hold this for up to one minute without moving.  If you can, you will move onto the next progression but not before testing the other arm and making sure that your strength is symmetrical.  If so, then you now want to widen your grip so that the hand that holds the bar is now more in line with your shoulder than the centre of the bar.  This just makes the challenge of keeping your torso parallel that much more difficult.”

“If you can do these again then you’d want to move onto the more difficult version of the challenge by getting your bar lower under the bar and more subjected to the force of gravity as a result.  Same thing goes for the hand position.  Start with one in the center and then move them to the outside.  Finally, if you want to turn this into more of a dynamic challenge for your elbow pain and start to fix it once and for all, do the hand swap shown at the end of the video.”

“All in all, the key to fixing elbow pain lies in the shoulder and wrist/forearms.  If you are lacking strength and stability in the shoulder or wrist as well as the surrounding muscles then you can almost guarantee that you will likely see the end result of that issue wind up causing pain in the elbows.  This can be fixed.  Simply add this one exercise to your routine about 3-5 times per week at the level of challenge that is appropriate for your given state.”

Video – How to Fix Elbow Pain

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