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How To Get Perfect Bench Press Technique

A checklist for this must-do exercise for chest development.

Learn how to get perfect bench press technique with this checklist.

The bench press is one of the most common exercises you will see in the gym. It is arguably the best exercise for your chest as it hits all major muscles and it can be easily overloaded with extra plates on the barbell.

To get better at this exercise, Jeff Nippard has some good tips for you. Jeff Nippard is a natural professional bodybuilder who shares tips and training programs on his YouTube channel. In the following video, Nippard explains how to get perfect bench press technique.

How To Get Perfect Bench Press Technique

This is how you set up your positioning on the bench.

  • Set up your arch by lifting your arms up and grabbing the bar with a shoulder-width grip to
  • Lift your hips up high, arching your back
  • Pulls your shoulder blades to your butt
  • Scapular retraction
  • Stay on your toes if you want to arch more your spine

Your back should be planted down on the bench and your eyes directly under the barbell. Lower one foot at a time positioning your feet as far back as you comfortably can. “Keep your legs as close to the bench when viewed from the front on,” Nippard says.

  • Heels planted on the ground (you may have to externally rotate your feet)
  • Drop your hips down so your butt is touching the bench, but maintain the arch on your back
  •  Adjust to the width you want to do – try to see what you are more comfortable and stronger with
  • Avoid hyperextension of wrists – make they are directly below your knuckles
  • Crank your elbows forward to make sure your shoulder blades are retracted

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How To Get Perfect Bench Press Technique

When unracking the barbell, you may utilise your glutes to drive the bar off the rack safely. There should be four main points of contact of your body: head, upper back, glutes and feet should be planted.

Before beginning the rep, you want to breathe in and puff your chest out to expand your ribcage as much as possible. When lowering the bar, you should bend your elbows at a 45-degree angle relative to your torso. Touch the bar just below the nipple line toward the bottom of your sternum.

Pause at the bottom and then explode the bar off your chest driving your heels into the floor. “You want to think about pressing the bar back toward your face and off your chest, rather than just driving the bar straight up,” Nippard says.

If you are unsure how to follow these instructions, check out Nippard’s video on how to get perfect bench press technique.

VIDEO – How To Get Perfect Bench Press Technique

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