How to Get the Perfect Chest in 30 Days

One exercise, every day, no equipment needed.

Wouldn’t it be incredible if you could do one single exercise for 30 days and change completely what your upper body looks like? Discover below how to get the perfect chest in 30 days by doing exactly that.

Now, before you think that this exercise is going to be in a fancy machine that you simply don’t have at your disposal, fear not. It is a bodyweight exercise and this fitness challenge has been shared by Troy Adashun.

Adashun is the co-founder of the fitness lifestyle company Alpha Lion and has created a gigantic YouTube following with his gym tips and workouts.

The exercise you will see below is a variation of a push-up.

How to Get the Perfect Chest in 30 Days

Troy Adashun calls this a groundbreaking push-up variation in his video. Speaking directly to his audience, he emphasized the transformative effects of incorporating this unique exercise into their daily routine.

Throughout the video, Troy shared insights into the potential impact of consistent effort on one’s physique, inviting you to join him in a 30-day challenge, advocating for the completion of one set of this particular push-up until failure every day.

With infectious enthusiasm, he asserted that this seemingly small change, requiring only one to two minutes of effort daily, could lead to significant enhancements in physique and fitness goals.

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Describing the push-up itself, Troy positioned himself against a wall, feet flat and hands inside shoulder width apart, creating an angle that targeted the upper chest, triceps, front delts, and upper back. He emphasized the importance of the unique hand placement to maximize the challenge and effectiveness of the exercise.

In a demonstration, Troy flawlessly executed the push-up, showcasing the distinctive movement that involved pushing back rather than straight up. He emphasized how this approach specifically engaged the upper chest, triceps, and upper back, making it far superior to the traditional push-up. With a touch of humour and encouragement, he reflected on completing his own set until failure, claiming a count of 35 and expressing the undeniable intensity and effectiveness of the exercise.

Troy Adashun conveys the potential benefits of this unique push-up variation and hopes people are inspired to embark on the 30-day challenge for a shot at transformative fitness results.

And honestly, that is it. You just need to do one set to failure of this push-up variation every day for 30 days to get the perfect chest since this exercise will target more your back, upper chest and triceps, giving you a different look after one single month.

To understand exactly how to perform this push-up, watch the entire video below.

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Push-ups stand as a fundamental and versatile exercise, offering a myriad of benefits that make them a must-have in any fitness routine. Firstly, push-ups are a compound movement that engages multiple muscle groups simultaneously. This includes the chest, shoulders, triceps, and core muscles, promoting overall upper body strength and stability. Unlike isolation exercises, push-ups provide a holistic workout, fostering balanced muscle development and functional strength. This makes them an efficient choice for individuals looking to maximize their workout time while targeting various muscle groups.

Another remarkable aspect of push-ups is their adaptability to various fitness levels. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced fitness enthusiast, push-ups can be modified to match your current strength and endurance. Beginners can start with modified versions, such as knee push-ups, gradually progressing to traditional push-ups and eventually exploring more challenging variations. This scalability ensures that push-ups remain accessible to individuals at different fitness levels, making them an inclusive and accommodating exercise for everyone.

Additionally, push-ups offer the advantage of requiring no special equipment. They can be performed virtually anywhere, making them a convenient and cost-effective addition to any workout routine. The simplicity of the exercise removes barriers to entry, encouraging consistency and adherence to a fitness regimen. This accessibility makes push-ups an excellent choice for those who prefer home workouts or have limited access to gym facilities.

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Finally, push-ups contribute to improved functional fitness. They mimic everyday pushing movements, such as pushing open a door or lifting objects from the ground. By incorporating push-ups into a routine, individuals enhance their ability to perform these daily tasks with greater ease and reduced risk of injury. This functional aspect adds a practical dimension to push-ups, making them not just a gym exercise but a valuable tool for promoting overall health and physical well-being.

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Why Should You Embark on This Fitness Challenge?

Fitness challenges play a crucial role in promoting motivation, commitment, and overall well-being within individuals. First and foremost, challenges inject an element of excitement and novelty into a fitness routine. The prospect of achieving a specific goal or conquering a challenge creates a sense of anticipation, making the fitness journey more engaging and enjoyable. This excitement can break the monotony of a regular workout routine, preventing boredom and helping individuals stay committed to their fitness goals over the long term.

Moreover, fitness challenges set clear and measurable objectives, providing participants with tangible targets to strive for. Having a well-defined goal, whether it’s completing a certain number of workouts in a month or achieving a specific fitness milestone, gives individuals a sense of purpose and direction. This clarity in objectives helps structure their efforts, fostering a disciplined approach to exercise and nutrition. It also allows participants to track their progress, providing a tangible sense of accomplishment as they work towards and achieve their fitness goals.

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Fitness challenges are also effective in building a sense of community and support. When individuals partake in a shared challenge, whether within a local gym or an online fitness community, they become part of a collective effort. This shared experience creates a supportive environment where participants can encourage each other, share tips, and celebrate achievements together. The communal aspect of fitness challenges not only boosts motivation but also helps individuals establish a support network, making the fitness journey more enjoyable and sustainable.

Additionally, fitness challenges often introduce variety and diversity into a workout routine. Trying new exercises, exploring different fitness modalities, or attempting unique challenges can prevent stagnation and plateaus. This variety not only keeps the workouts interesting but also ensures that different muscle groups are engaged, promoting overall fitness and preventing overuse injuries.

In summary, fitness challenges are important because they inject excitement, provide clear goals, foster community, and introduce variety into the fitness journey. By doing so, challenges contribute to sustained motivation, improved adherence to fitness routines, and enhanced overall well-being.

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Pros of Doing Push-Ups Every Day:

  • Convenience and Accessibility:
    • Push-ups require no equipment and can be done anywhere, making them a convenient exercise for daily routines.
  • Efficiency:
    • Push-ups are a compound exercise, engaging multiple muscle groups simultaneously, providing a time-efficient full-body workout.
  • Upper Body Strength:
    • Regular push-ups contribute to increased upper body strength, targeting the chest, shoulders, triceps, and core muscles.
  • Improved Endurance:
    • Daily push-ups can enhance muscular endurance over time, allowing individuals to perform more repetitions and sustain physical effort.
  • Scalability:
    • Push-ups can be adapted to different fitness levels, with variations like knee push-ups for beginners and more challenging variations for advanced practitioners.
  • No Cost Involved:
    • Push-ups are a cost-effective exercise as they require no gym membership or specialized equipment, promoting accessibility for everyone.

Cons of Doing Push-Ups Every Day:

  • Overuse Injuries:
    • Performing push-ups daily without proper rest may lead to overuse injuries, such as strain or inflammation in the shoulder, elbow, or wrist joints.
  • Muscle Imbalances:
    • Focusing solely on push-ups may lead to muscle imbalances if other muscle groups are neglected. It’s important to maintain a balanced workout routine.
  • Plateau in Progress:
    • Doing the same exercise every day might lead to a plateau, where the body adapts to the stress, and gains in strength or endurance may slow down.
  • Lack of Variety:
    • Relying exclusively on push-ups may result in a lack of variety in the workout routine, potentially leading to boredom and decreased adherence.
  • Potential Overtraining:
    • Pushing the body to perform push-ups every day without adequate rest may contribute to overtraining, negatively impacting recovery and overall fitness.
  • Not Ideal for Specific Goals:
    • Depending on individual fitness goals, doing push-ups every day may not align with certain objectives, such as muscle hypertrophy or specific sport-related training.

It’s crucial to strike a balance, incorporating push-ups into a well-rounded workout routine while allowing for proper rest and recovery to mitigate potential drawbacks.

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