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How to Help the 5 Most Common CROSSFIT Complaints of Pain

Optimise your body and minimise pain.

5. “Why do my feet BURN when I run?”

A quick fact to answer this: you have an ARCH in your foot to help you pass weight from one side of you body to the other when we do things like walking and running. Lose that arch, and you foot will feel the fire. Again, this might not be just a foot problem.

WHY: First of all, people aren’t just born without arches. We either don’t full develop them or we lose them. If we are thrown into shoes at too young of an age, then all of the little bones and muscles of our feet never get the chance to adapt to different terrains. Being barefoot and climbing over many surfaces often at an early age, give of foot the opportunity to optimize its movement. Even if an athlete does have this opportunity at a young age, it doesn’t mean that their arch is safe as they progress into adulthood. As we age, we have a tendency (often out of neccisity) to become more sedentary. This spells doom on the arch, because this weakens the glutes.

REPEAT AFTER ME, “Weak glutes, collapse arches.”

Here is a tiny anatomy lesson everyone should want to know. Our glutes, attach at the tailbone and connect to our IT band on the side our leg. Our IT band travels down our leg into the bottom of our foot. So ultimately we can say that our glutes attach from our tailbone to our foot.

DON’T BELIEVE IT?!?!? From a standing position with toes straight ahead, try squeezing your butt (NOT WITH YOUR HANDS!!) You will feel your knees rotate outward and your arch pick up.

WHAT TO DO: To rejuvenate and calm down the painful burn in  your arch, roll a tennis/golf ball on the bottom of our foot.

WHAT YOU REALLY NEED TO DO: Figure out (1) why your glutes are being shut off and (2) what you need to do to “turn” them back on.

Remember that corrective exercise is a process that starts with assessment. This doesn’t just mean only what you see but also an assessment of what you feel, hear and do. Understanding the there is a process to re-align joints, relax overworking tissue, lengthening short muscle, and restoring strength makes Performance Self Therapy Possible.

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