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How to Lose Fat & Maintain Muscle with CrossFit Training & Good Nutrition


Testosterone is important for the growth processes in the body, including building muscle mass. Any type of exercise increases testosterone levels but lifting weights has a bigger effect – it was proved by research on exercise physiology at the University of Southern California (USC).

Dr. Todd Schroeder, associate professor at USC, listed heavier loads and shorter rest periods as the main testosterone boosters. Apart from building muscle mass, testosterone improves the body´s efficiency to burn fat.

An intensive workout uses up the energy stored in the muscles and also breaks down the muscle fibres. Naturally, they respond to this stimulus by repairing themselves in order to get stronger and more resistant. A sufficient dose of protein, which is the main building block, and healthy fats that take action in healing mechanisms, is needed.

Therefore protein intake of 1 gram per pound of body weight is recommended, while also focusing on healthy fats, such as fish oil.

intermittent fasting protein sources nutrition salmon salt tomato testosterone
Salmon is a nutritious source of protein.

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