Crossfit hands

How to Prevent and Treat Ripped Hands for CrossFit

I am an accountant. The hands of an accountant are typically soft and smooth. We use our hands to create spreadsheets, work a calculator and staple documents. The closest we come to developing a callus is from repeatedly hitting the 'plus' button on our keyboard with our pinky finger.

I also shake a lot of hands. One day, after a handshake, the client asked if I’d been doing a lot of yard work.

“No,” I said. “Why do you ask?”

He seemed a bit embarrassed and I realized how rough my hands had become. I was healing from a recent rip and the edges of the tear were hard and scratchy.

Crossfit has changed my hands

As soon as I fell in love with the feel of a barbell, I developed calluses and tears. I’ve ripped and healed and ripped again. I felt pride and awe the first time my hands bled from too many toes to bar. But after that I realized the injuries to my hands kept me away from the pull up bar and made the barbell painful to hold.

Chest to bar pull ups

I’ve tried gymnastics grips, gloves, athletic tape, grippers. But nothing felt as good or worked as well as feeling the cool, chalky bar with my bare hands.

I soon learned that the best treatment for a rip is to prevent it.

Robin Ribeiro is a former gymnast and the owner of RipFix. She walked me through the elements of good hand care. “Is about every day hand maintenance,” she says. “Not just the rips.

It starts with the grip…

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