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How to Start Glute Training with Dumbbells (+ 8 Exercises)

Build that booty!

This video from Marcus Filly will teach you how to start glute training with Dumbbells.

Marcus explains, “When it’s time for a big booty burn, you don’t necessarily need a lot to get started. I’ll show you 8 Functional Bodybuilding moves and how to put them together for a simple strength circuit that will get a lot out of a little bit of equipment. All you need is a pair of dumbbells and a band!”

Glute Training with Dumbbells


02:10 Intro
04:01 Rear Foot Elevated Split Squat
05:35 Single-Leg Hip Thrust
06:49 Banded Sumo Romanian Deadlift
07:59 Hand Supported Single-Leg RDL
09:31 DB Side Plank Clamshell
10:24 Seated DB Good Morning
11:39 Curtsy Drop Lunge
12:34 Hand Supported Russian Step Up
18:17 Reading Tempo
21:39 Conclusion

Lean Away Ring Pull-Ups Glute Training with DumbbellsSource: YouTube
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