How to Use Walking to Get Down to 12% Body Fat

Understand how to use walking to get down to 12% body fat. For this, we take the expertise and knowledge from Thomas DeLauer.

Thomas DeLauer is a celebrity trainer and health author. His YouTube Channel has 3 million subscribers and he has been on the cover of numerous international magazines.

DeLauer talks about how to use walking to get down to 12% body fat, which is a general threshold for men to have their abs visible, for that coveted six-pack.

How to Use Walking to Get Down to 12% Body Fat

DeLauer explains that there is a way to time walking better to get more fat loss using science.

Walking is when you use 50-60 per cent of your VO2max. According to a study, DeLauer points that doing that 3 times a week for 12 weeks can decrease your BMI, the subcutaneous fat and visceral fat.

There was another study that checked walking timing for fat loss – when people ate and when they would walked. A group study divided in half was given breakfast before going for a 45-minute walk on a treadmill while the other part would do the same without breakfast.

When breakfast was consumed, the level of carb oxidation was very high before, during and after the treadmill walk. That means those people’s bodies were utilising carbs for fuel instead of fat. Although both groups would lose weight, one would lose fat while the other would not necessarily lose all weight in fat.

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“This means that walking in a fasted state, not even in an extremely fasted, is going to get your more overall fat loss benefit,” DeLauer says.

Although most people cannot simply wake up and go for a walk before breakfast, there is a work around that DeLauer says it could help you get the best benefit of walking for fat loss. “You want to time your walks when you are the most hungry or in between your meals.”

To see his entire string of argument of how to time it and how to use walking to get down to 12% body fat, watch the full video below.

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Why Walking is The King of Fat Loss Exercise

  1. Calorie Expenditure: Walking, especially brisk walking, is an effective way to burn calories. The number of calories burned depends on factors such as speed, distance, and body weight. While the exact calorie expenditure varies from person to person, walking can help create a calorie deficit, which is essential for fat loss. To maximize fat burning, it’s recommended to walk at a brisk pace for an extended duration.
  2. Accessibility and Low Impact: Walking is a low-impact activity that puts less stress on your joints compared to high-impact exercises like running or jumping. This makes it suitable for people of various fitness levels and ages. Additionally, walking requires no special equipment, and you can do it virtually anywhere, making it highly accessible.
  3. Increased Fat Utilization: Walking predominantly relies on fat as a fuel source. During low to moderate-intensity exercise, such as walking, your body primarily utilizes fat as an energy source rather than carbohydrates. This makes it an excellent exercise choice for fat loss, as you are directly targeting stored body fat.
  4. Preservation of Lean Muscle: Walking helps preserve lean muscle mass while losing fat. This is important because muscle is metabolically active and burns more calories at rest than fat does. By preserving muscle mass through walking and incorporating strength training exercises, you can maintain a higher metabolic rate, which aids in long-term fat loss.
  5. Sustainable and Consistent: One of the key factors for successful fat loss is consistency. Walking is a sustainable activity that can easily be incorporated into your daily routine. Whether you walk outdoors, on a treadmill, or even during your breaks at work, it is an activity that can be maintained over the long term, leading to gradual and sustainable fat loss.
  6. Mental and Emotional Benefits: Walking not only has physical benefits but also contributes to mental and emotional well-being. It can reduce stress, improve mood, boost creativity, and increase overall mental clarity. By enhancing your mental state, walking helps reduce emotional eating and improves adherence to healthy lifestyle choices, facilitating fat loss.

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6 Effective Ways to Use Walking to Get Lean and Shed Fat

So how can you use walking to get lean and shed fat? Here are the ideas that Mario Tomic implemented in his life to get below 10% body fat.

  1. Walk during meetings and calls – if you are on the phone talking to someone, walk while you do it.
  2. Walking and learning – watching a video on YouTube to further your knowledge, you can do it while walking. The same can be said about listening to an audiobook or a podcast.
  3. Walk between sets – instead of just staying next to your barbell while waiting for that 60-90 seconds of rest between sets, how about walking around to keep active?
  4. Make walking a social activity – if you are hanging out with friends, go out for a walk.
  5. Walk as part of your morning or evening routine – you can incorporate walking as a morning habit or a pre-bed routine (it doesn’t have to be long walks either, but be consistent).
  6. Look for more walking opportunities – park further from the grocery store, take the stairs instead of the elevator, and be more active with little things as they add up in the end.

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