Kick-Ass Dottirs: 7 Lesser Known Icelandic Female Athletes

Iceland is renowned for the incredible athletic abilities of her native ‘Dottirs’. Everyone knows Annie, Sara and Katrin, but we want to showcase the exceptional talents of her other homegrown Crossfitters and lifters that deserve to be seen by the world.


Another impressive athlete from the team of Crossfit Reykjavik, this 28 year old mother and law graduate is especially good at snatching, but proves that she works just as hard on her ‘weaknesses’ like Rope Climbs and Handstand Push Ups on her Instagram.

Featured Image © Girls with Muscle

Bjork Odinsdottir Instagram © Bjork Odinsdottir

Freyja Mist Olafsdottir Instagram © Freyja Mist Olafsdottir

Hjordis Oskarsdottir Instagram © Hjordis Oskarsdottir

Thuridur Erla Helgadottir © All Things Gym

Jakobina Jonsdottir Instagram © Jakobina Jonsdottir

Dr Anna Hulda Olafsdottir Instagram ©  Dr Anna Hulda Olafsdottir

Birna Blondal Sveinsdottir Instagram © Birna Blondal Sveinsdottir

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