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Important Exercises for CrossFit Beginners to Learn


The bench press has always been an important exercise for bodybuilders, strength athletes and powerlifters. It is an effective movement for introducing pressing strength to beginners.


  • Hard active work for the chest, shoulders and arms, isometric work for the forearms
  • A very good place to learn how to bear weight and support a weighted movement
  • Especially useful for building upper body and tricep strength


  • Shoulders back on the setup/rear delts resting on the bench
  • Bring the weight over the chest (not above the eyes)
  • Shoulders tight on the setup leading to a tight arch in the back
  • Break the bar on the way down: puts elbows in the right position
  • Spread the bar with the hands on the way up: activates the triceps
  • Wide feet/pushing feet into the ground/ spreading the floor with the feet

Don’t have a bench? Execute this movement while lying on the floor. The floor press, often called the “poor man’s bench,” will still increase your pressing power.

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